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Levels of Sucking

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You can break the levels of sucking a penis down to an almost infinite number of levels, depending on your touch and techniques. We'll narrow it down to three big ones. Each can produce a totally different reaction and they can be used together or by themselves.

Soft Sucking
The lightest caress. The softest embrace. The slightest touch. Usually used at the beginning of a blowjob, a little soft sucking goes a long way to getting your man aroused. Don't actually suck on the penis. Let it roll around gently on your tongue and lips.

Regular Sucking
When you and your man have a full head of steam going, start actually sucking on the penis as move it in and out of your mouth. Use a light but steady suction, emphasized on downward strokes. Suck the penis as though you were actually trying to get something really tasty out of the tip.

Hard Sucking
Nearing climax, it's usually time for a short burst of really hard sucking. Suck hard, especially near the tip, as though you are trying to actually suck the tip of the penis off of the shaft.

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