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Tasty Techniques

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Almost any kind of combination of foods has been tried in conjunction with sexual activity. The key is to find something that you reall enjoy licking off of his penis. Once you find something that you enjoy, your extra energy and attention will enhance his experience. Some old favorites are listed below.

Whipped Cream
A favorite that has been well popularized in both the mainstream and the adult media. Spread a little whipped cream around the tip and the shaft, then slowly and seductively lick it all off. A wonderful sensation that tastes great to boot.

A summertime special. Place a small, smooth ice cube on your tongue, then begin to give him oral sex. Roll your tongue and the ice cube around his penis. Don't be afraid to swallow the excess water from the melting ice cube, but some men like you to drool it all over their penis. Check with your man first on this one.

Hot Chocolate
Be careful here, a little goes a long way. If you're a chocolate lover, this one's an extra special treat, both for you and your man...

Soda Fizz
Put a little soda in your mouth, then quickly start sucking on his penis. The idea is to get the penis in contact with the fizzing soda for a little fizz fun.

Hot Chocolate (or Coffee)
Put a little hot chocolate or coffee into your mouth, then start sucking. Make sure the liquid is warm but not too hot. The extra heat will drive him crazy - and it tastes great!

Oral Lovers Savor every last drop.

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