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Using the Hands

Stroke and Suck
Use one hand to stroke the base of the shaft while you suck on the tip of the penis. Begin by circling the very base of the shaft and work your way up, using soft, slow strokes. As you get to the tip, reverse direction and use your lips to follow your hand back down the shaft. Get into an up and down rhythm where your lips and your hand are moving in sync with one another.

Cup the Scrotum
Cup one hand gently around the scrotum and lightly lift the testicles upward as you suck downward on the shaft of the penis. Most men can't take too much of this, so watch out!

The Perenium
While sucking on the tip of the penis, let one hand gently brush back and forth on the perenium (the area between the base of the testicles and the anus). You can vary the pressure from very light to very strong and direct, depending on the reaction of your partner.

The Anus
Some men enjoy anal and prostate stimulation during oral sex. Extra care must be taken when dealing with the anus, as it is rich in bacteria. Rimming is a practice where oral sex is performed on the rim of the man's anus. Some men also enjoy insertion into the anus by a finger or a tongue. A finger can manually stimulate the prostate from inside the anus.

Inner Thigh Stroke
While sucking on the penis, use both hands to lightly rub from the knees, up the inside of the thigh, to the base of the penis. Fondle the penis and/or scrotum for a few seconds, then repeat, starting at the knees again. Alternate between legs after a few strokes.

The Abs
This one is especially good if your man has a nice set of abs. While sucking, rub one or both hands from the base of the penis to the bottom of his chest and then back again. Grab the penis and fondle it and/or the scrotum for a second, then repeat.

Make Him Suck Your Finger
While sucking, offer up one of your fingers (let your mood/tastes decide which) for him to suck. Most men get really turned on by this - don't be surprised if it turns you one to. There's something transcendant about it.

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