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Peaking His Orgasm

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As most men near orgasm, they exhibit similar tendancies. And in most men, those tendencies are the same from orgasm to orgasm. By carefully watching your partner, or even through a signal from them, you can ramp your lover up and down to orgasm, ending with a bone shaking, mind jarring experience that he's sure not to never forget.

Most men will reach a "point of no return", beyond which they cannot overcome the urge to ejaculation. The trick is to realize when he's getting close to that point, then slow or stop all activity until the urge temporarily passes. As long as the man knows that you're taking him up and down on purpose - and will end with orgasm - he will actually enjoy the process.

We suggest that you take him for 3-4 cycles, from arousal to near orgasm, back down to arousal, back up to near orgasm. At the end of the final cycle, make sure to give a little extra effort to make his orgasm special.

Because this tends to teach a man how to control his erections and his orgasms, you'll also reap some very nice benefits.

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